Where's the beer guys?

By Greig McGill

We hear this a bit lately. The answer is, as always, we're sorry! Small batches, small budget, and rising popularity means that we're struggling to send beer to everywhere who wants it.

To alleviate this a little, we've handed over distribution of our bottled products to the great team at BeerNZ Ltd. Craig and Wendy supply a nationwide network of bars, bottle shops, and supermarkets, so now even we don't know where you can find our beer! We do know that it should be a lot easier.

Speaking of getting our beer, Winter is nearly here, and it brings with it a season of festivals and events. We're really pleased to be a part of some of these, and are excited to get amongst it and raise a glass with some of our loyal drinkers. Are craft beer drinkers ever loyal? Well, maybe in spirit! Here's what's coming up:

Brothers Beer Waikato Tap Takeover - Friday, June 14, 2013 @ Brothers Beer

We'll be showing off two of our "easy drinkers" - Bale Out and Clock Watcher in the company of our brewery mates 666 Brewing, and Shunters Yard. Also joining us are maybe NZ's most talked about new brewery, Good George, as well as current brewery mates, but moving to their own brewpub in the Coromandel soon, Boilerhouse Brewing.

City of Ales - Saturday, June 29, 2013 @ The Floating Pavilion

We'll have a rare treat for punters here. In Triplicate on tap! 30L only, but hey, it's batch two and is 10.3% abv so you won't need much! We also hope to show off Bale Out for our friends in Auckland.

Beervana - Friday and Saturday, August 9th and 10th 2013 @ Westpac Stadium, Wellington

For the first time outside Hamilton... Smoko on tap! Yep, the beer that seems to be gaining cult status around the country, judging by some of the lovely tweets we've seen, will be on tap! We're stoked to be back at NZ's premier beer expo, though we're not sure ligghtning will strike twice and give us a people's choice award for the second year running!

That's about it, except to say that for those who have been asking... yes, Bean Counter will be back soon! Perhaps in bottles...


Greig and Phil