Beers Abound

By Greig McGill

How did it get to be March already? And what have we been up to?

Well, we have a few beers floating around at the moment. Our tribute to our now absent friend Colin Palmer was well received around the traps. Look for Palmer's Golden Handshake coming to bottles in the near future with just a couple of small tweaks, as we were fairly happy with the first crack at it.

For the fans of Bean Counter, it's back and it's tasty. We still have a few kegs of this in stock, and it'll mostly be staying local, but fear not. It too will be coming to bottles soon.

We have a new beer called Night Shift sneaking out. It's currently making its debut at the Malthouse's sour fest in Wellington, but fear not locals, it'll be around the 'tron soon enough!

Finally, we have broken our rule about not making heavily hopped beers. But hey, it was for a good cause! There's not much of the tasty and hoppy treat which is BDM58 around, so if you see some, drink it or fill a rigger! It probably won't be back.

Righto. That's about the lot for now. Drink up and don't let the bureaucrats bite!