We are Greig McGill and Phil Murray, Hamilton friends with a serious love of beer. Together, we combine, in the manner of 80s cartoon robots, to form Brewaucracy allowing us to craft some of the beers we most enjoy with an eye to sharing them with you all.

We named our brewing enterprise Brewaucracy as a tribute to those who produce. That might seem a bit odd, given that modern bureaucracy is mainly an impediment to production, however, the origin of bureaucracy is firmly rooted in the industrial revolution, something that gave us the lifestyle we all enjoy today. We choose to look upon bureaucracy as a symbol of and an aid to production.

We are brewers without a brewery. We wanted to share our beers with you all, but we just didn't have the capital for big piles of shiny stainless steel. Other brewers have made massive investments in big piles of shiny stainless steel, and we love and respect their chutzpah in doing so. There aren't many rich brewers in New Zealand. We can help these brewers pay for their shiny stainless by paying them to brew our beer, rewarding their risk, and we get to produce our beer also. Ah, capitalism. Win/win!