Hi! We're Brewaucracy, a small craft brewing company "time-share brewing" our beers out of Shunters Yard Brewery in Matangi near Hamilton.

We generally brew beers which please us. Sometimes these are bog standard beers, but made well and intended to be drunk in quenching and satisfying quantities. Sometimes they might be a bit out there and off-the-wall. Occasionally they will be both.

The point is we're not crazy hipster brewers intent only on making something weird and obscure, nor are we technical perfectionists, churning out hectoliters of perfectly faultless but dull-as-dishwater beer.

Nope, we're making beers which make us smile on the basis that if they put a twinkle in our eyes, perhaps they'll do the same for you too. We really hope so.

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Smoko Signals

Ever wondered about batch variation in craft beer? Sometimes it's deliberate, sometimes it's a process accident, sometimes it's ingredient variability, and yet other times, it's a combination. Read on for an insight into the tweaks that have gone into batch two of Smoko.


Where's the beer guys?

We hear this a bit lately. The answer is, as always, we're sorry! Small batches, small budget, and rising popularity means that we're struggling to send beer to everywhere who wants it.



All the news that's fit to print!

There's been a fair bit happening since our last update in August. Some good, some great, some sad. Read on for the rundown.